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This memorial website was created in the memory of our little angel, Morgan Paige Lemke who was born in Arkansas on August 20th, 2004 and passed away on November 14th, 2004. She was born with a very rare birth defect called Hydranencephaly. Which is where the unborn child's brain does not fully develope in utero, doctors do not know what causes Hydranencephaly. In my case they told me MAYBE death of a twin in utero, or a stroke the baby had in utero, or just lack of oxygen to the brain at the stage of forming, I was around Carbon Monoxide while pregnant and did not know I was until a week before my due date. We are thinking this is what caused Morgan to be born with Hydranencephaly. In most cases where a child is born with Hydranencephaly the child does not live to be over 1 year old and will have lots of problems such as respiratory , seizures , blindness, not being able to walk or talk, a FULL disibabilty. In Morgan's case she was a few days shy of 3 months old. She was doing everything the doctors said she would NOT do, such as laugh, follow things with her eyes, move her legs ..etc. We never suspected a problem until she devopled a little cough. So we took her to the doctor on November 11th, and he said everything was fine and  her lungs were clear, but he gave her antibiotics to just in case. She had a good day on Novemeber 12th. Until around 10:30pm we had to rush her to the ER because my mother said she didn't seem to be breathing right. She was at the ER for 5 hours hooked up on breathing machines because they told us she was not breathing on her own. They had to pump her chest once to bring her back. And at around 3:30am she was flown to Arkansas Children's Hospital and was still hooked up on machines :( At around 3pm on November 13th we decided we were going to unhook the machines because her doctors were telling us that she was in pain, especially when the meds wore off because of the tube down her throat. And plus we didn't want to see her hooked up on machines for the rest of her life. So at around 7pm on November 13th the rest of the family arrived at ACH. They each spent some time with her and at 10:28pm on November 13th the doctors unplugged the machines. Morgan's daddy , auntie Diantha and  Sam stayed with Morgan the whole time, along with her other uncles and aunts, and her grandparents who were there the whole time also. At 1:28pm on November 14th Morgan Paige Lemke took her last and FINAL breath on Earth, while in her auntie Diantha's arms. One of the places she would have wanted to be at that time. When the doctors came in to make sure she was "gone" it was 1:40pm on November 14th. By that time I was holding her body so close to mine they pronouced her "gone" in my arms! Morgan Paige was a little fighter like her mom and dad, and no matter who seen her, even a stranger on the streets or the dearest of a friend would say "she is so beautiful , she puts a smile on my face" she brightened everyones lifes and put a place in their hearts that will never be forgotten. So the next time the sun is shining bright or a ladybug lands on your shoulder, that's our little ANGEL Morgan Paige trying to brighten up your day!

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Missing You   / Nanny Pat Randall (Nanny)
Morgan I just want to say that I miss you this Easter day Every step I take Every move I make Every word I say Every time I pray I am missing you I love you Sissie Nanny
Happy Thanksgiving   / Mommy, Daddy &. Sissy Lemke (Parents)
Happy Thanksgiving Hope you had a good thanksgiving in Heaven this year baby girl!!! We had a good one. Thank you for blessing us with your life and your sisters life! Those are the most precious things ever!! We love you and miss you so much! Se...  Continue >>
Happy 5th Birthday!   / Mommy Lemke (Mother)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear MORGAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Happy 5th birthday baby girl! I love you and cant beileive your 5 angel years now! Your such a big girl. I miss you so much I had ...  Continue >>
HAPPY EASTER!   / Jessica Lemke (Mother)
HAPPY EASTER Happy Easter Princess. I hope you found lots of eggs in Heaven this year and ate lots of candy. It was rainy here at home but sissy still got to hunt eggs it cleared up for a little bit, she had fun. I miss you a whole bunch and Love yo...  Continue >>
HAPPY NEW YEAR!   / Mommy, Daddy &. Sissy (Family)
Happy New Year! 2009 Hey there baby girl! Its 2009 now WHOO HOO. Im hoping this year brings us a fresh new start at alot of things , our parenting, our marriage , ourselves and we are going to need you, our little angel helping us along the way. I ...  Continue >>
Happy 11th Birthday!!!  / Mommy Jackson (Mommy)    Read >>
Happy 9th Birthday!  / Mommy (Mommy)    Read >>
Happy valentines day!  / Mommy (Mommy)    Read >>
Happy Halloween  / Mommy (Mother)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Beautiful  / Aunt Kellie Randall (Aunt)    Read >>
Happy 7th Birthday!  / Jessica (MOMMY)    Read >>
MERRY CHRISTMAS  / Mommy (MOMMY)    Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART:)  / Aunt Kellie Randall (Aunt)    Read >>
Happy 6th Birthday!  / Mommy Lemke (Mother)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Diantha (Auntie)    Read >>
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About Our Baby  
Morgan was born on August 20th with a very rare disease called Hydranencephaly, which means that she only had a very small part (1/4) of her brain and the rest was fluid. Morgan enjoyed her time here with us, but as we knew in the beginning God had a plan for her. She will forever be the light in our eyes. Morgan we LOVE you baby girl.
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MORGAN PAIGE 3 1/2 weeks old :)
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